About Hegs America

Our History

A young ambitious company, focused on making advanced
Healthcare solutions for your loveone’s Since 1967

Who We Are

A family owned and managed company, our core strenghs are quick decision making and ability to develop product in directions our customer require.

Focus founded in 1967, we have 3 generation experience in the field of Hospital, Laboratory, Scientific, Educational and Healthcare Diagnostic products.

Our Mission

2015, Hegs Meditech & Healthcare Inc., moved its focus into Healthcare Diagnostics Products.

 The company’s commitment to quality, service and innovation enables today’s highly competitive Healthcare Diagnostics Equipments like- Digital Blood
Glucose Sugar Monitor, Infrared Thermometers, Digital Thermometers, Digital Blood Pressure Monitors, Digital Finger Pulse Oximeters, Compressed Nebulizers, Mesh Nebulizers.

 The future growth of the company is being propelled through the development of new products and creation of new markets, both domestic and international.